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Day city of Split ( Sv.Duje )

Holy Dujam , Latin Domnius , Doimus , popular saints Duje Split , martir the third century of our era , is certainly spiritual vertical city of Split , where he is patron .

On his feast day on May 7 , when the ritual opening of his cancer in the Split cathedral and when , accompanied by song and insignia parishes and brotherhoods , moving magnificent procession with his powers narrow town center with a Eucharistic celebration and sermons , once in the cathedral or in front of her and today the Riva promenade. Sv . Dujam the most valuable Split tradition , the concept of faith in which he chose for his patron saint , and put his bones in the cathedral , one of the oldest cathedral in the world . Sv . Dujam was bishop of Solin and sacrifice for the faith endured , according to tradition , in 304 AD during the reign of Emperor Diocletian , who is just near Salona , in what is now split , raised the stately home and ukopište . Fate would have it, just the imperial mausoleum of the emperor’s shrine became victim to the tomb became a place of celebration of life and faith , that the emperor’s coffin bone and blow in pieces , and the relics of St. . Duje become sacred. Throughout the centuries , the saint addressed the people but also many artists , especially in the visual arts . In the first Croatian oratory born composer Julius Bajamonti late 18th century music is arranged transfer Dujmovih bones , in honor of the saint are sung and composed many hymns pjesmenajčešće nature , a saint’s biography written by the most famous is the one from the pen of Dubrovnik John Dražića .

According to tradition it was believed that St. . Domnio lived in l . century, and that he was a disciple of St. apostolic . Peter and by the Split legend saint is originally from Syria , Christianity spoke thanks to all sermons . Peter and then was baptized in Antioch . By the same tradition , as a companion of St . Peter and the pankration Apolinar went to Rome , where it all . Peter instructed to preach in other regions : Pankeracije went to Sicily , Apollinaris of Ravenna and DUJAM the trans-Adriatic Salona , the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia . Sv . Dujam in the densely populated and multiconfessional Salons founded crkvenusvDuje.jpg community and many converted to Christianity . By order of the city manager Maurilija suffered a martyr’s death – beheaded , probably in Salona amphitheater , soon after he executed another 45 Dalmatian martyrs .

It was initially buried at Marusinac in Solin , and his cult spread among the faithful who were buried around his tomb . Throughout the centuries have worshiped him in a series of churches built in his honor – a few years ago one such church of Sts. Marian was rebuilt in Kotor . Dujam appears most often with the insignia of episcopal robes , with palm tree and a cathedral cross. How to Split an important his cult writes in the first chapter of the Statute of the City of Split from the 1312th year , which states: ” … Also, determine and decree that everyone must honor the feast of St. Duje appreciate and celebrate .”

Today, the mortal remains of St . Duje found in crabs on Morlaiterovom altar from the 18th century cathedral . A smaller part Dujmovih bone is in oratory of St . Venancius Lateran in Rome , the original seat of the head of the Roman Catholic Church , along with other Dalmatian martyrs and St. Porec . Mauro . In fact , Pope John IV . gave 641 per Abbot Martin transferred to Rome smaller relics of martyrs from Dalmatia and Istria , which was confirmed in 1962. , when Pope John XXIII . allowed to open the Lateran sarcophagus with their powers.


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Detox after holidays


We all like to go all-out for the holidays eating cookies, cheese, casseroles and in that days our bodies are on sugar and fat overload. In that case, we have to give our body some simple detox to get back to normal, without starvation or rigid diet.
Here are some tips have to get back in everyday routine.

Skip the Coffee

Spend the next few days coffee free. Instead, get your caffeine fix with a cup of green tea. Just one cup helps to speed up liver activity—and after all that overeating, you may need it!

Drink Up All Day

Hydration is one the easiest as well as the hardest thing for some people but it’s essential in your detox regime. As obvious as this sound, drinking water helps to flush out toxins and eliminate waste from your body. Between the wine, beer and other drinks, hydration is the key. Focus on downing six to eight glasses of water daily. Add a lemon or orange slice for vitamin C to burn fat. Both your stomach and skin will thank you for it!

Load Up on the Fruits and Vegetables

Including a variety of raw vegetables and fruit into your detox regime is necessary in replenishing the essential vitamins and nutrients that your body as well as increasing your energy levels. Aim for 7-12 servings of vegetables and fruits per day and make them the bulk of all of your meals. Celery, cucumber, and kale are great options for restoring nutrients and normalizing blood sugar levels while grapes and coconut water contains high amounts of potassium for maintaining normal kidney function.

Eat breakfast every morning

You should eat breakfast, preferably at home, so you’re not tempted by the bagel the size of your head at the office. Skipping on breakfast usually backfires and causes over-eating later on.

Break Up With Sugar

To rid yourself of those sugar cravings, you need to go cold turkey. Skip the sweets and processed foods (which can pack in hidden sugars) in favor of veggies, fruit and whole grains.

Give Your Muscles Some TLC

Start every day with physical activity. Before checking email, taking phone calls or applying make-up, get out the door for a walk or go to the gym. Add just five minutes of yoga stretches to your morning routine to open up. The twisting of the muscles during the various positions releases fresh blood as well as nutrients and oxygen to the muscle all of which will help you recover faster.

Exfoliate and Soothe

The human body expels toxins through the pores on your skin. To help speed up this process, take a bath with one to two cups of Epsom salt to exfoliate the dead skin and draw out the toxins and environmental pollutants from the body. A bath with Epsom salts once per week for a half hour is all that you need for your detox regime. Besides, who could turn down an opportunity to soak and unwind in a warm bath!


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International Rowing Regatta SV. DUJE



International rowing regatta Sveti Duje is an event featuring eights from Croatian and international universities.
The competition consists of two parts:

1. Race of the university eights from Croatia and abroad
2. Legends’ Race between the legends of Oxford, Cambridge and Split

The regatta has traditionally been taking place on St Domnius Day. The International Rowing Regatta Sv. Duje 2014 will take place in Split on May 4, and it will be quite a show of sporting prowess. Last year there were no less than 12 Olmpic medal winners in three boats.

University Eights Races take place at the 1000m long racing course in Spinut, with an increasing number of participating teams every year. The increase culminated in the past four years due to the participation of the best known names in university rowing, the Oxford and Cambridge Blue Boats.

Legends Race takes place in the city harbour on a 220m long course, whereby the legends of Split are competing against the legends of Oxford and Cambridge – the alumni that have rowed in the legendary Boat Race on river Thames in the past 10 years and that have won the brightest Olympic and World Championships medals.

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Easter celebrations around the world


In countries where Christianity is a state religion, or where the country has large Christian population, Easter is often a public holiday. As Easter is always a Sunday, many countries in the world also have Easter Monday as a public holiday. Some retail stores, shopping malls, and restaurants are closed on Easter Sunday, although this practice is declining.Good Friday, which occurs two days before Easter Sunday, is also a public holiday in many countries, as well as in 12 U.S. states. Even in states where Good Friday is not a holiday, many financial institutions, stock markets, and public schools are closed. Few banks that are normally open on regular Sundays are closed on Easter.

In the Nordic countries Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are public holidays,[and Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays It is a holiday for most workers except some shopping malls which keep open for a half-day. Many businesses give their employees almost a week off, called Easter break.

In the Netherlands both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are national holidays. Like first and second Christmas Day, they are both considered Sundays, which results in a first and a second Easter Sunday, after which the week continues to a Tuesday. Even though Good Friday is an official national holiday, it is not a mandatory day off for commercial companies.

In Commonwealth nations Easter Day is rarely a public holiday, as is the case for celebrations which fall on a Sunday. In the United Kingdom both Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays. However, in Canada Easter Sunday is a public holiday, along with Easter Monday. In the Canadian province of Quebec, either Good Friday or Easter Monday are statutory holidays (although most companies give both). In some countries Good Friday is a public holiday as well.

In the United States, because Easter falls on a Sunday, which is already a non-working day for federal and state employees, it has not been designated as a federal or state holiday. Easter parades are held in many American cities, involving festive strolling processions, with the New York City parade being the best known.

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Celebrate Spring ready! Beauty tips of experts…




January and February are a great time for a change and to create their own plan of beauty . We bring you tips beauty specialists who will help you to be in great shape all year round !

Constant companion of winter dry skin . The reason is quite prosaic – in enclosed spaces is hot and cold on the street and often windy . As a result, the skin becomes dehydrated quickly , and there are cracks and wrinkles . But you need not fret , it can improve themselves !

Due to the low temperatures reduces the production of lipids that protect the skin against harsh environmental influences. As a result, the dry , cracked skin , and help can be found in foods rich in omega – 3 fatty acids . Said acids abundant in a sea fish ( salmon , herring , tuna , sardines , mackerel ) , seafood ( crab, shrimp ) , and also in vegetables and cereals ( cauliflower , spinach , beans ) . Valuable source of acid also sesame and linseed oil . For healthy skin every day and eat walnuts , and twice a week in your diet include fish .

Lotions , tonics , soaps and gels that contain alcohol and components that dry skin in winter are strictly prohibited . Instead , use milder products with nutrients and protection from ultraviolet radiation . Particularly useful products containing extracts of calendula , green tea and chamomile .

Once a week practicing facial massage . Sensitive , inflamed and cracked skin will help gentle massage movements with the use of professional serums and creams with collagen and skin without any obvious problems will be suitable for cosmetic massage oils ( avocado oil , pumpkin , jojoba oil ) and shea butter .

If possible , visit the beauty salon or wellness center . Mineral thermal mask will deeply nourish your skin , and has a lifting effect . Hot stone massage in turn warms and relaxes the body , and consists of exfoliation that will improve circulation and the massage .

An important part of winter care is certainly his skin around the eyes and lips . The skin around the eyes several times thinner than other facial skin so that you have to nurture causing fatty , intensive products : creams , masks and serums with vitamins A and E. And to keep your lashes nice, will help the mascara that contains lanolin , castor oil and vitamins .

Since the skin of the lips is very sensitive to weather conditions , it also needs to give them enough attention . Forget lip gloss , use lipsticks and balms greasier . To prevent the occurrence of herpes on the lips due to the seasonal decrease in immunity using multivitamins and make sure you get enough sleep .

Do not forget to exercise . Exercise regularly at home or in the gym , the more you move and ready to welcome the spring !

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The best time for drinking coffee is 9:30 to 11:30 pm

kavaAt that time, the level of cortisol, a hormone that increases alertness lowest and the risk that the body will get used to a lot less caffeine than after waking up when the highest.

The internal clock responds best to coffee in the morning around nine o’clock , confirmed the study of the American University Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences . It is best to drink between half past nine and half past eleven o’clock , or between half past five and half past six in the afternoon , because then the levels of cortisol , a hormone that increases alertness , the lowest , the Daily Mail reports .

Cortisol interacts with caffeine , so be careful at the time of drinking this beverage black . People who drink coffee between eight and nine o’clock in the morning when cortisol is highest develop a tolerance to caffeine , which decreases its efficiency .

What is the level of cortisol increased , the higher the risk of resistance to caffeine . Coffee does not work , so the body no time seeking additional cup or stronger drink to wake them up , according to research .

– Just as you should not overdo it with medication , so you should not overdo it with coffee . It should be well- timed , and not to drink when the body najbudnije because there will be a counter-effect – said the head of research , neuroscientist Steven Miller .

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Number of people:
4 people

1 kg of potatoes
1 kg of hake (grouper, John Dory, sea bass or monkfish if any)
1 bunch parsley (can be a little rosemary)
salt and freshly ground pepper
2 dl of white wine
juice of one lemon slices
fish soup or beef cube
2 dl olive oil
very little cold water
4-5 cloves of garlic
1 onion



  Hake overall unit ( can be frozen ) cleaned and cut into 2-3 fingers thick pieces. Can other fish , Dory, grouper , sea bass or monkfish but recently vrime do because of hake fish unfortunately become too expensive for us seniors ….Onion slice on the grater as the small thin slices – circuits .. Put the olive oil . Onion and a little salt zažutiti in olive oil with garlic supplement to Poštak .Add sliced ​​potatoes to approximately 1 – 2cm chunks and fish , so we put half the potato slices and put together the pieces of fish , and the rest of the potatoes put spices Pour the wine , and a little cold water and olive oil in the end.

 Pour the white wine and add a little fish soup if you have not then you can get crushed and cube beef broth whisked with 2 dl of cold water to cover over potatoes and pieces of fish … should be quite a bit of cold water that is liquid to cover and maybe one finger above the liquid . There must be a lot of water added just a little.

If we add all the other composed and more to fry than to cook covered for about 20 minutes on high heat . Finally add the olive oil on top of the front end and with a little serving.
Do not mix just shake the pot platter as shake LEFT right where the simmering broth .

After 20 minutes, remove the lid , add the parsley and cook a little more on medium heat until potatoes are tender.
After that, let it sit for a bit to gregada calmed down and gave us their full flavor .


Before serving mandatory pour olive oil.