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Things to see…Things to do… Split






Things to see…

What makes Split the most famous place is Diocletian’s Palace , the best preserved Roman building in the world , which is under UNESCO protection from the year 1979 and best of all that is that palace is not a typical palace because today people actually living in it .
It has four monumental gates Porta Aurea ( Golden Gate , Golden Gate ) , Porta Argento ( Silver Gate , Silver Gate ) , Porta Ferrea (Iron Gate , Iron Gate ) and Porta Aenea ( Brass Gate ) .

Then there is St. Duje ‘s cathedral originally built around 305 AD as a mausoleum of Roman emperor Diocletian ‘s – the oldest cathedral building in the world , Peristyle square ( peristylium ) the main square of Diocletian ‘s palace with well preserved Roman architecture as Jupiter ‘s temple an ancient Roman temple which became St . John’s church and two original Egyptian sphinxes .

And if you go down through the cellars of the Palace you have access to the sea on the Riva (waterfront) the main city promenade where mainly happens all.

Split is filled with labyrinth of narrow streets where you will find small cafes, bars, souvenir shops, restaurants and other things….

Things to do…

If you do not drink coffee on the waterfront Riva promenade you have not even been to Split.
In addition to all the other attractions that you need to visit a little far from the city center is a famous sandy beach Bačvice where you can play Picigin – the most famous local game and yet on the other side of the city there is a hill Marjan situated on the west of Split. Marjan is an oasis for many people who look for a natural stress relief, a great place for long walks, jogging, and bike rides.
Lots of local color and excitement to experience is at the Green Market – Pazar where you get to know the lifestyle of the people of Split.
Take a walk on Marmont street for a little shopping and treat yourself at some of the local restaurant to try local specialites such as pasticada and njoke , soparnik, Dalmatian prsut and other.

In Split there is a lot thing to do. It and has rich cultural and entertainment life, especially during summer when the whole city turns into a large open party stage.
Once you get to experience all that this city offers and get to know its temperament but friendly people you will be in love forever.



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Restaurant Maršal ****

Located in the heart of the old part of town, restaurant Maršal is a must-see destination for all lovers of delicious dishes prepared in a modern way by our chefs. Thanks to the nearby fish market as well as local fruit and vegetable market, the restaurant offers daily fresh ingredients throughout all of their prepared meals.
If you want to surprise your palate, you must try some of our main dishes, among which we can highlight Beef fillet in baking sauce with argula, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. For all fish lovers we would definitely recommend baked Tuna in tomato sauce with olives and fried rice noodles.


For all those who wish to take a small snack with a glass of wine, restaurant offers a variety of tapas prepared from top quality ingredients such as smoked salmon, pata negra, calamari and shrimps.
Gourmets will definitely delight selection of desserts such as tart with figs and carob, chocolate truffles as well as panna cotta with sour cherry served in a cup.
With a wide selection of local and international wines and various alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks, the restaurant can also offer a number of cocktails.

Below you can find recepie for delicious Mojito



-2 tea spoons of brown sugar
-2 fresh mint leaves
-0,2 dcl Triple Sec
-0,5 dcl Havana Rum III
-Sparkling water or sprite
-Crushed Ice
-Mint for decoration


Mash mint and lime cut into cubes, add sugar. Mix everything well and fill the cup with crushed ice, add the rum. To the top of the glass pour soda or sprite. All good stir with a spoon and add a sprig of fresh mint for decoration

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Belong to those who complain that they are bored and have nothing to do in the summer. With our scale of fun activities, you will hardly ever be able to say that you are bored


Regardless of whether you stay most of the summer on the city streets or you’re going to rip up some beaches, we are sure that you never get bored. The next time you feel that you hunted fjaka and you do not know what to do with themselves, remember these great ideas.

Here they are:

Gather friends and go on a picnic.

Go for a walk and this capture trees, people, flowers. Record a profession and this capture him several times a day and perpetuate the changing light.

Buy beads to trade with play materials and make necklaces and bracelets that you will sell, and donate the money to charity. Earned money you spend on a gift for your dear ones.

 Subscribe to an association of animals or for the protection of children and volunteer.

You’re bored? Clean your room, Rearrange shelves, scattered sort photos, cast magazines that just collect dust.

Make cakes and sweet delights bites a relative.

With a friend, brother or sister play ball a game from childhood.

Write a detailed email to a friend whom you have not seen for a long time.

Go to the cinema with a relative who has long been calling for a coffee.

Make fresh juice and enjoy on the terrace while ispijaš and the way you listen to some relaxing music summer.

Surprise your family a delicious dinner, you‘ll complete serving of course, with the decoration of the table.

Arrange a movie night with friends and enjoy the popcorn.

Fry the compilation of favorite songs from early childhood to today and call it soundtrack of my life. “

Read the book on which the film was shot scenario you’ve already watched. Spend the day at the library. Visit the museum.

Buy a canvas and paint and Paint the picture you‘re going to hang in his room.

Turn on the radio and dancing with it, like you’re alone in the world. Of course, in a reasonable time.


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Join us in an unforgettable culinary journey at an exclusive restaurant Marshal within the boutique hotel Marmont. Start your day with energy and breakfast in modern designed restaurant, located in the heart of the old part of town.
Each morning guests are served a buffet with fresh pastries from whole grains, a variety of spreads, ecologically grown fruits and vegetables, natural squeezed juices and other hot drinks.
Menu consists of carefully selected meat and fish specialties, Mediterranean dishes with seasonal ingredients until pastry prepared by top chefs.
The specialty of the restaurant consists of exclusive dishes like Pate Negre as an extensive wine list with over thirty local and international wines.
Surprise yourself and your palate magic flavor and a pleasant and warm atmosphere that awaits you!

business hours
07:00-24:00 h
Tel. (Reception) +385 (0) 21308060


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Split offers a wide variety of international cuisine, from pizzerias to salad bars. Split’s location on the Dalmatian Coast makes it a great seafood destination. So, in a few sentences we would like to point out some of the best authentic Croatian cuisine restaurants in town:

Noštromo is a long-standing Split establishment. The restaurant’s owners run the town’s fish market by day, ensuring that only the freshest seafood graces each plate. In the evenings, the market is hosed down and transformed into an outdoor seating area. Higher prices reflect Nostromo’s upscale ambiance, but diners should not be discouraged. The prices are comparable to Split’s most popular konobas.

Tavern Matejuska is located close to the harbor. It a small, family-run restaurant with great atmosphere and excellent food. The restaurant can accommodate approximately 30 people, half inside, and half at their outdoor terrace. Reservations are needed, especially during the summer.

Tavern Kod Hvaranina is a shabby looking restaurant, just out of the Palace walls. Restaurant has a really weary look, but the food is very good.. It is a small, family-run restaurant, and you feel it. The service is really warm and welcoming. The food is homely, fresh and tasty. They serve a very good traditional baby beef stew with gnocchi (Cro. Pasticada)

Tavern Tri Volta (Zalogajnica Dioklecijan) is a truly special place for people of Split. This restaurant has been here for 40 years. The place is not decorated in a fashionable way. Crowd is mixed, young and old, many people know each other, and the atmosphere is convivial. Food is honest, homemade, it is an excellent place to taste a working class Dalmatian plates.

As Split’s hotel stock improves so does the profile of its restaurants in the old part of the town. Split started to offer a wide range of international meals in last few years. Here are some tips for other types of restaurants inside the palace walls and close to the sea:

Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel is located in the old part of Split. The place is modern and chic. Design is contemporary with brick walls and big floor to ceiling windows that can open completely. Zinfandel has over 100 international and Croatian wines on offer, as well as wide choice of seasonal tapas and cold platters. Look for their lunch time specials when you get a free glass of house wine if you order a meal.

Uje Oil Bar is a tapas style restaurant, located at the heart of Split old town. The place has a very good vibe, friendly staff, tasty food, excellent choice of olive oils and wines. The food is served on wooden boards. The menu with cooked dishes is updated daily, while cold cuts, marinated fish, olive oils and choice of oils are available daily.

Restaurant Dvor is located 20 minutes walk from the old town. Dvor has a beautiful outdoor garden seating with views over the sea. Make a reservation in advance to get one of their best tables. The restaurant has a stunning location, good food and attentive staff. Their meat and fish dishes are excellent, many are prepared on a charcoal grill, and they have very good desserts. The place is not cheap, but it is a good value for money.

Hotel Marmont also helped to improve Split’s restaurant offer.For all lovers of great food and superior modern style followers here’s a great and exclusive news.
We are announcing the opening of an exclusive restaurant as part of our luxury boutique hotel Marmont ****.Located in the city center, a blend of tradition and modern, you should expect top quality and variety of dishes prepared by top chefs that will not leave you indifferent.

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Croatian wines


Wine production in Croatia is a very old activity, and recent discoveries place it in the Bronze Age and the time of the ancient Illyrians. Wine production in Croatia in recent years witnessed a steady growth, and the 2011th was 1.4 million hectoliters, which is 15% more than the 2005th Around 2000 Croatian wines labeled controlled origin.

Viticulture and Enology have a long tradition, are widespread in almost all parts of the country, and the wine culture is part of the traditional way of life. Therefore, in the home or restaurants usually drink wine from this region.

Natural features (climate, soil, topography) conditional on the division of the country into two main wine growing regions, continental and coastal, and each of them there are several vineyards with its specifics. About two-thirds of production consists of white wine, which is no longer grown in the continental region, while in the coastal predominant red wines. According to the quality of its wines are categorized as desktops, and premium quality.
In the continental part of the most widespread white wine Riesling (Italian Riesling or Laški), and the principal vineyards Baranja region Ilok in the extreme eastern part, Kutjevo region students in the central part of Slavonia, near Varazdin and Medjimurje in the extreme northern part of the country and in the foothills Plešivičko Zagreb area. Among the white wines are known and Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc and the red wines are the most common Franconia portugizac, which is drunk as a young wine.

In Istria, where the largest number of family producers with their own labels, most are grown Istrian Malvasia wine from white to black and Teran. The most famous wine from the northern Adriatic island is white žlahtina island. For a typical Dalmatian red wine obtained from Plavac Mali, which is often referred to by the location where it is grown (Dingaè or acts on the Peljesac peninsula). The famous vineyards and the island of Hvar, Vis and Korcula.

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Trends for summer 2014

Here are five key trends for spring and summer 2014 that you can buy on the high street and wear now:

1. Pastels

It’s not a huge surprise that pastels are fashionable for summer. Pastels always reappear on the Spring/summer catwalks because they are perfect for this time of year. Light fabrics and colours are just what we need after months of hibernating underneath black leggings and long, slouchy knitwear.

2. Tropical florals

Everything’s coming up roses! The floral trend is everywhere — dresses, tops, bottoms. Even for the guys! Add a floral scarf to a simple, plain look or go for a bright pop of colour with your handbag. Mix and match trends too – the perfect monochrome look can include prints

3. Art school and prints

Probably the most recognizable Spring/summer 14 trend is the paint swirls, colour-blocking and brush strokes. This look is all about strong vibrant colour and interesting prints. If there’s one way to guarantee eyes will be drawn your way in spring / summer 2014, it’s by indulging in some bold, wearable typography. Slogans, statements and even abstract lettering simply call for attention, as well as start conversations. Clothes do all the talking this summer!

4. Sporty with spice

The athletic trend has been lingering for a while, but this season designers have injected a high-fashion attitude into classic sportswear separates. Athletic-inspired chic fashions and footwear are making a run for it. Key pieces are leather joggers, silk bombers and anything with shear panels. The jumpsuit is a nice alternative to a dress for a summer wedding, or perhaps opts for a block heel for your work wear wardrobe instead of your winter boots. Remember, don’t try to work every trend, go with what suits you and your budget. If breaking out the gym gear is not for you, then opt for a more versatile piece such as the cropped top, which was styled in various ways.

5. Orange Is the new black

We doubt the creators behind the show Orange Is the New Black, realized they were predicting a major fashion trend when they dreamed up the show’s title. Orange being established the colour of the season; strong colours such as bright yellows, hot pinks and blue tones are also wardrobe must-haves, as observed in the fashion weeks. There were also plenty of neutral tones to wear back with these stronger tones, such as light tan and chalky nudes.



Working these trends in to your wardrobe needn’t be expensive or daunting, remember less is more. If you are unsure about incorporating a trend into your clothing, why not introduce it to your look in a subtle way such as through your accessories.