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Things to see…Things to do… Split

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Things to see…

What makes Split the most famous place is Diocletian’s Palace , the best preserved Roman building in the world , which is under UNESCO protection from the year 1979 and best of all that is that palace is not a typical palace because today people actually living in it .
It has four monumental gates Porta Aurea ( Golden Gate , Golden Gate ) , Porta Argento ( Silver Gate , Silver Gate ) , Porta Ferrea (Iron Gate , Iron Gate ) and Porta Aenea ( Brass Gate ) .

Then there is St. Duje ‘s cathedral originally built around 305 AD as a mausoleum of Roman emperor Diocletian ‘s – the oldest cathedral building in the world , Peristyle square ( peristylium ) the main square of Diocletian ‘s palace with well preserved Roman architecture as Jupiter ‘s temple an ancient Roman temple which became St . John’s church and two original Egyptian sphinxes .

And if you go down through the cellars of the Palace you have access to the sea on the Riva (waterfront) the main city promenade where mainly happens all.

Split is filled with labyrinth of narrow streets where you will find small cafes, bars, souvenir shops, restaurants and other things….

Things to do…

If you do not drink coffee on the waterfront Riva promenade you have not even been to Split.
In addition to all the other attractions that you need to visit a little far from the city center is a famous sandy beach Bačvice where you can play Picigin – the most famous local game and yet on the other side of the city there is a hill Marjan situated on the west of Split. Marjan is an oasis for many people who look for a natural stress relief, a great place for long walks, jogging, and bike rides.
Lots of local color and excitement to experience is at the Green Market – Pazar where you get to know the lifestyle of the people of Split.
Take a walk on Marmont street for a little shopping and treat yourself at some of the local restaurant to try local specialites such as pasticada and njoke , soparnik, Dalmatian prsut and other.

In Split there is a lot thing to do. It and has rich cultural and entertainment life, especially during summer when the whole city turns into a large open party stage.
Once you get to experience all that this city offers and get to know its temperament but friendly people you will be in love forever.



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