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Restaurant Maršal ****

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Located in the heart of the old part of town, restaurant Maršal is a must-see destination for all lovers of delicious dishes prepared in a modern way by our chefs. Thanks to the nearby fish market as well as local fruit and vegetable market, the restaurant offers daily fresh ingredients throughout all of their prepared meals.
If you want to surprise your palate, you must try some of our main dishes, among which we can highlight Beef fillet in baking sauce with argula, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. For all fish lovers we would definitely recommend baked Tuna in tomato sauce with olives and fried rice noodles.


For all those who wish to take a small snack with a glass of wine, restaurant offers a variety of tapas prepared from top quality ingredients such as smoked salmon, pata negra, calamari and shrimps.
Gourmets will definitely delight selection of desserts such as tart with figs and carob, chocolate truffles as well as panna cotta with sour cherry served in a cup.
With a wide selection of local and international wines and various alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks, the restaurant can also offer a number of cocktails.

Below you can find recepie for delicious Mojito



-2 tea spoons of brown sugar
-2 fresh mint leaves
-0,2 dcl Triple Sec
-0,5 dcl Havana Rum III
-Sparkling water or sprite
-Crushed Ice
-Mint for decoration


Mash mint and lime cut into cubes, add sugar. Mix everything well and fill the cup with crushed ice, add the rum. To the top of the glass pour soda or sprite. All good stir with a spoon and add a sprig of fresh mint for decoration


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