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Belong to those who complain that they are bored and have nothing to do in the summer. With our scale of fun activities, you will hardly ever be able to say that you are bored

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Regardless of whether you stay most of the summer on the city streets or you’re going to rip up some beaches, we are sure that you never get bored. The next time you feel that you hunted fjaka and you do not know what to do with themselves, remember these great ideas.

Here they are:

Gather friends and go on a picnic.

Go for a walk and this capture trees, people, flowers. Record a profession and this capture him several times a day and perpetuate the changing light.

Buy beads to trade with play materials and make necklaces and bracelets that you will sell, and donate the money to charity. Earned money you spend on a gift for your dear ones.

 Subscribe to an association of animals or for the protection of children and volunteer.

You’re bored? Clean your room, Rearrange shelves, scattered sort photos, cast magazines that just collect dust.

Make cakes and sweet delights bites a relative.

With a friend, brother or sister play ball a game from childhood.

Write a detailed email to a friend whom you have not seen for a long time.

Go to the cinema with a relative who has long been calling for a coffee.

Make fresh juice and enjoy on the terrace while ispijaš and the way you listen to some relaxing music summer.

Surprise your family a delicious dinner, you‘ll complete serving of course, with the decoration of the table.

Arrange a movie night with friends and enjoy the popcorn.

Fry the compilation of favorite songs from early childhood to today and call it soundtrack of my life. “

Read the book on which the film was shot scenario you’ve already watched. Spend the day at the library. Visit the museum.

Buy a canvas and paint and Paint the picture you‘re going to hang in his room.

Turn on the radio and dancing with it, like you’re alone in the world. Of course, in a reasonable time.



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