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Split offers a wide variety of international cuisine, from pizzerias to salad bars. Split’s location on the Dalmatian Coast makes it a great seafood destination. So, in a few sentences we would like to point out some of the best authentic Croatian cuisine restaurants in town:

Noštromo is a long-standing Split establishment. The restaurant’s owners run the town’s fish market by day, ensuring that only the freshest seafood graces each plate. In the evenings, the market is hosed down and transformed into an outdoor seating area. Higher prices reflect Nostromo’s upscale ambiance, but diners should not be discouraged. The prices are comparable to Split’s most popular konobas.

Tavern Matejuska is located close to the harbor. It a small, family-run restaurant with great atmosphere and excellent food. The restaurant can accommodate approximately 30 people, half inside, and half at their outdoor terrace. Reservations are needed, especially during the summer.

Tavern Kod Hvaranina is a shabby looking restaurant, just out of the Palace walls. Restaurant has a really weary look, but the food is very good.. It is a small, family-run restaurant, and you feel it. The service is really warm and welcoming. The food is homely, fresh and tasty. They serve a very good traditional baby beef stew with gnocchi (Cro. Pasticada)

Tavern Tri Volta (Zalogajnica Dioklecijan) is a truly special place for people of Split. This restaurant has been here for 40 years. The place is not decorated in a fashionable way. Crowd is mixed, young and old, many people know each other, and the atmosphere is convivial. Food is honest, homemade, it is an excellent place to taste a working class Dalmatian plates.

As Split’s hotel stock improves so does the profile of its restaurants in the old part of the town. Split started to offer a wide range of international meals in last few years. Here are some tips for other types of restaurants inside the palace walls and close to the sea:

Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel is located in the old part of Split. The place is modern and chic. Design is contemporary with brick walls and big floor to ceiling windows that can open completely. Zinfandel has over 100 international and Croatian wines on offer, as well as wide choice of seasonal tapas and cold platters. Look for their lunch time specials when you get a free glass of house wine if you order a meal.

Uje Oil Bar is a tapas style restaurant, located at the heart of Split old town. The place has a very good vibe, friendly staff, tasty food, excellent choice of olive oils and wines. The food is served on wooden boards. The menu with cooked dishes is updated daily, while cold cuts, marinated fish, olive oils and choice of oils are available daily.

Restaurant Dvor is located 20 minutes walk from the old town. Dvor has a beautiful outdoor garden seating with views over the sea. Make a reservation in advance to get one of their best tables. The restaurant has a stunning location, good food and attentive staff. Their meat and fish dishes are excellent, many are prepared on a charcoal grill, and they have very good desserts. The place is not cheap, but it is a good value for money.

Hotel Marmont also helped to improve Split’s restaurant offer.For all lovers of great food and superior modern style followers here’s a great and exclusive news.
We are announcing the opening of an exclusive restaurant as part of our luxury boutique hotel Marmont ****.Located in the city center, a blend of tradition and modern, you should expect top quality and variety of dishes prepared by top chefs that will not leave you indifferent.


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