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Croatian wines

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Wine production in Croatia is a very old activity, and recent discoveries place it in the Bronze Age and the time of the ancient Illyrians. Wine production in Croatia in recent years witnessed a steady growth, and the 2011th was 1.4 million hectoliters, which is 15% more than the 2005th Around 2000 Croatian wines labeled controlled origin.

Viticulture and Enology have a long tradition, are widespread in almost all parts of the country, and the wine culture is part of the traditional way of life. Therefore, in the home or restaurants usually drink wine from this region.

Natural features (climate, soil, topography) conditional on the division of the country into two main wine growing regions, continental and coastal, and each of them there are several vineyards with its specifics. About two-thirds of production consists of white wine, which is no longer grown in the continental region, while in the coastal predominant red wines. According to the quality of its wines are categorized as desktops, and premium quality.
In the continental part of the most widespread white wine Riesling (Italian Riesling or Laški), and the principal vineyards Baranja region Ilok in the extreme eastern part, Kutjevo region students in the central part of Slavonia, near Varazdin and Medjimurje in the extreme northern part of the country and in the foothills Plešivičko Zagreb area. Among the white wines are known and Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc and the red wines are the most common Franconia portugizac, which is drunk as a young wine.

In Istria, where the largest number of family producers with their own labels, most are grown Istrian Malvasia wine from white to black and Teran. The most famous wine from the northern Adriatic island is white žlahtina island. For a typical Dalmatian red wine obtained from Plavac Mali, which is often referred to by the location where it is grown (Dingaè or acts on the Peljesac peninsula). The famous vineyards and the island of Hvar, Vis and Korcula.


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