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Day city of Split ( Sv.Duje )

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Holy Dujam , Latin Domnius , Doimus , popular saints Duje Split , martir the third century of our era , is certainly spiritual vertical city of Split , where he is patron .

On his feast day on May 7 , when the ritual opening of his cancer in the Split cathedral and when , accompanied by song and insignia parishes and brotherhoods , moving magnificent procession with his powers narrow town center with a Eucharistic celebration and sermons , once in the cathedral or in front of her and today the Riva promenade. Sv . Dujam the most valuable Split tradition , the concept of faith in which he chose for his patron saint , and put his bones in the cathedral , one of the oldest cathedral in the world . Sv . Dujam was bishop of Solin and sacrifice for the faith endured , according to tradition , in 304 AD during the reign of Emperor Diocletian , who is just near Salona , in what is now split , raised the stately home and ukopište . Fate would have it, just the imperial mausoleum of the emperor’s shrine became victim to the tomb became a place of celebration of life and faith , that the emperor’s coffin bone and blow in pieces , and the relics of St. . Duje become sacred. Throughout the centuries , the saint addressed the people but also many artists , especially in the visual arts . In the first Croatian oratory born composer Julius Bajamonti late 18th century music is arranged transfer Dujmovih bones , in honor of the saint are sung and composed many hymns pjesmenajčešće nature , a saint’s biography written by the most famous is the one from the pen of Dubrovnik John Dražića .

According to tradition it was believed that St. . Domnio lived in l . century, and that he was a disciple of St. apostolic . Peter and by the Split legend saint is originally from Syria , Christianity spoke thanks to all sermons . Peter and then was baptized in Antioch . By the same tradition , as a companion of St . Peter and the pankration Apolinar went to Rome , where it all . Peter instructed to preach in other regions : Pankeracije went to Sicily , Apollinaris of Ravenna and DUJAM the trans-Adriatic Salona , the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia . Sv . Dujam in the densely populated and multiconfessional Salons founded crkvenusvDuje.jpg community and many converted to Christianity . By order of the city manager Maurilija suffered a martyr’s death – beheaded , probably in Salona amphitheater , soon after he executed another 45 Dalmatian martyrs .

It was initially buried at Marusinac in Solin , and his cult spread among the faithful who were buried around his tomb . Throughout the centuries have worshiped him in a series of churches built in his honor – a few years ago one such church of Sts. Marian was rebuilt in Kotor . Dujam appears most often with the insignia of episcopal robes , with palm tree and a cathedral cross. How to Split an important his cult writes in the first chapter of the Statute of the City of Split from the 1312th year , which states: ” … Also, determine and decree that everyone must honor the feast of St. Duje appreciate and celebrate .”

Today, the mortal remains of St . Duje found in crabs on Morlaiterovom altar from the 18th century cathedral . A smaller part Dujmovih bone is in oratory of St . Venancius Lateran in Rome , the original seat of the head of the Roman Catholic Church , along with other Dalmatian martyrs and St. Porec . Mauro . In fact , Pope John IV . gave 641 per Abbot Martin transferred to Rome smaller relics of martyrs from Dalmatia and Istria , which was confirmed in 1962. , when Pope John XXIII . allowed to open the Lateran sarcophagus with their powers.


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