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Detox after holidays

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We all like to go all-out for the holidays eating cookies, cheese, casseroles and in that days our bodies are on sugar and fat overload. In that case, we have to give our body some simple detox to get back to normal, without starvation or rigid diet.
Here are some tips have to get back in everyday routine.

Skip the Coffee

Spend the next few days coffee free. Instead, get your caffeine fix with a cup of green tea. Just one cup helps to speed up liver activity—and after all that overeating, you may need it!

Drink Up All Day

Hydration is one the easiest as well as the hardest thing for some people but it’s essential in your detox regime. As obvious as this sound, drinking water helps to flush out toxins and eliminate waste from your body. Between the wine, beer and other drinks, hydration is the key. Focus on downing six to eight glasses of water daily. Add a lemon or orange slice for vitamin C to burn fat. Both your stomach and skin will thank you for it!

Load Up on the Fruits and Vegetables

Including a variety of raw vegetables and fruit into your detox regime is necessary in replenishing the essential vitamins and nutrients that your body as well as increasing your energy levels. Aim for 7-12 servings of vegetables and fruits per day and make them the bulk of all of your meals. Celery, cucumber, and kale are great options for restoring nutrients and normalizing blood sugar levels while grapes and coconut water contains high amounts of potassium for maintaining normal kidney function.

Eat breakfast every morning

You should eat breakfast, preferably at home, so you’re not tempted by the bagel the size of your head at the office. Skipping on breakfast usually backfires and causes over-eating later on.

Break Up With Sugar

To rid yourself of those sugar cravings, you need to go cold turkey. Skip the sweets and processed foods (which can pack in hidden sugars) in favor of veggies, fruit and whole grains.

Give Your Muscles Some TLC

Start every day with physical activity. Before checking email, taking phone calls or applying make-up, get out the door for a walk or go to the gym. Add just five minutes of yoga stretches to your morning routine to open up. The twisting of the muscles during the various positions releases fresh blood as well as nutrients and oxygen to the muscle all of which will help you recover faster.

Exfoliate and Soothe

The human body expels toxins through the pores on your skin. To help speed up this process, take a bath with one to two cups of Epsom salt to exfoliate the dead skin and draw out the toxins and environmental pollutants from the body. A bath with Epsom salts once per week for a half hour is all that you need for your detox regime. Besides, who could turn down an opportunity to soak and unwind in a warm bath!



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