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Celebrate Spring ready! Beauty tips of experts…

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January and February are a great time for a change and to create their own plan of beauty . We bring you tips beauty specialists who will help you to be in great shape all year round !

Constant companion of winter dry skin . The reason is quite prosaic – in enclosed spaces is hot and cold on the street and often windy . As a result, the skin becomes dehydrated quickly , and there are cracks and wrinkles . But you need not fret , it can improve themselves !

Due to the low temperatures reduces the production of lipids that protect the skin against harsh environmental influences. As a result, the dry , cracked skin , and help can be found in foods rich in omega – 3 fatty acids . Said acids abundant in a sea fish ( salmon , herring , tuna , sardines , mackerel ) , seafood ( crab, shrimp ) , and also in vegetables and cereals ( cauliflower , spinach , beans ) . Valuable source of acid also sesame and linseed oil . For healthy skin every day and eat walnuts , and twice a week in your diet include fish .

Lotions , tonics , soaps and gels that contain alcohol and components that dry skin in winter are strictly prohibited . Instead , use milder products with nutrients and protection from ultraviolet radiation . Particularly useful products containing extracts of calendula , green tea and chamomile .

Once a week practicing facial massage . Sensitive , inflamed and cracked skin will help gentle massage movements with the use of professional serums and creams with collagen and skin without any obvious problems will be suitable for cosmetic massage oils ( avocado oil , pumpkin , jojoba oil ) and shea butter .

If possible , visit the beauty salon or wellness center . Mineral thermal mask will deeply nourish your skin , and has a lifting effect . Hot stone massage in turn warms and relaxes the body , and consists of exfoliation that will improve circulation and the massage .

An important part of winter care is certainly his skin around the eyes and lips . The skin around the eyes several times thinner than other facial skin so that you have to nurture causing fatty , intensive products : creams , masks and serums with vitamins A and E. And to keep your lashes nice, will help the mascara that contains lanolin , castor oil and vitamins .

Since the skin of the lips is very sensitive to weather conditions , it also needs to give them enough attention . Forget lip gloss , use lipsticks and balms greasier . To prevent the occurrence of herpes on the lips due to the seasonal decrease in immunity using multivitamins and make sure you get enough sleep .

Do not forget to exercise . Exercise regularly at home or in the gym , the more you move and ready to welcome the spring !


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